How To Wear A Scarf

As a classic and somehow underrated piece of fabric, the scarf is very effective in many ways, both in keeping you warm and stylish. Either machine-made or hand-knitted, scarves can amplify your winter outfits in many styles.
In order to do so, you need to be familiar with the different ways to wear scarves. Here are the 9 common ways:

The Drape –The simplest way of putting a scarf, by having it around the neck with both sides hanging evenly.
The Loop – Same position with the drape but coiled around the neck once while still having the sides hanging evenly.

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Cute Winter Outfits

Who says you can’t look cute during winter? Even though the season forces you to cover up, there are still plenty of ways to look fashionably adorable while maintaining the function to keep you warm. Here are the cutest winter outfits that we can recommend:

Cream Knit Sweater And Jeans (H&M) = $24.99

Wear that cream zip-up together with a pair of white jeans for that perfect white winter look.

Puffer Faux-Leather Coat (Eloquii) = $159.95

If you prefer to wear summer dresses, have a puffer coat around for an edgy winter look.

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